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Metal Components

We have quality metal components for various applications like automobile, aircraft, computer or industrial machines. Precisely made, these metal parts are quality assured for different demands and are able to support your machines to function in better condition. What’s more, we have standard procedure to accomplish the treatment on the surface of the metal components.

MCM manufactures high value metal components and offers you in all stages of design, prototyping, manufacturing and delivery. We provide metal parts design, prototype, stampings, tooling, molding, sheet metal and production & assembly and etc. We serve an extensive customer base from Asia, Australia, Europe,USA, and North America.

In order to make these metal parts work perfectly in different applications, we apply electroplated Zin, Ne and Tin on the surface to meet your needs on choices of colors and printing. Besides, the procedure helps your metal components stay away from oxidizing and therefore have long-lasting life. Please do not hesitate and inquire the products today!

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